We glorify God Almighty for Celestial Church of Christ Halleluyah Parish, London U.K. This Church was established in the year 2001.

The Genesis

The revelation to establish the Church was actually given to my late husband Snr. Evangelist Rasheed Bakare of the blessed memory. The family was under protection at CCC National Headquarter about the year 1994/1995. My husband was at the mercy land and one of our most senior prophets gave him the revelation, that a parish of the CCC will be established in this part of the world through his family. As this is the will of God, when and how was never revealed to my husband then. After the death of my loving husband all hope about this great revelation and privilege was lost, until the messaged came ringing and reminding me that human being can die but the word of God will never die.

It was after the death of my husband, (may his soul rest in peace) Through spiritual revelation that the lord said it is time to deliver what he had promised, He then commanded me to carry the cross and establish the parish for him. He gave me the name of the parish as HALLELUYAH PARISH. I only carried out the revelation of God for the entire family to fulfil the will of God for the family. Finally the in November 2003 the Church was dedicated to God.

My Anxiety

I know what it is to establish a parish, and my worries of both financial and other difficulties that are involved. My husband had been genuinely supportive to the work of God financially, spiritually and in so many ways. I have also in my own little way offered the best possible assistance in every way. Our main vision and ambition as a family is to help all the anointed people of God in Celestial Church to achieve their calling. To establish a church is out of it completely.

The struggle

This Church has gone through the thick and thin, yet it has not ceased to exist because this Church belongs to almighty Jehovah, and it has always withstood so many terrible storms strong enough to sink the church. Through the trying period Jehovah Almighty has always been our supporter.

God only used me to establish this Church but women’s roles are very limited in Celestial fold, therefore the Shepherds’ are always there for us to head the Church. These positions don’t compromise each other or antagonise each other.

Therefore because of God’s immense grace, support and power over us in this Church we have been serving Him with truth and faith. The vision and mission of the Church is very clear to preach good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted to proclaim freedom to the captives to release from darkness prisoners and also to inherit internal Kingdom.

These are also the major reasons why C.C.C was founded and the Church has witnessed many Miracles through  the Church Founder (Papa Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa) of Blessed Memory